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Advice on saltwater vs. fresh

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  • Advice on saltwater vs. fresh

    Hi there, I've had many freshwater aquariums over the years and just recently got back into the hobby. I found a used 75gal saltwater tank online for sale, all set up/established and what not. I also found a freshwater one as well. My question is, are they harder to maintain and have alot more components to work? I would love a saltwater tank, only I'm nervous because I've never had one before so maybe should stick with what I know? Thanks!

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    Hey there! Thank you for the post! That will depend on if you decide on reef or fish-only marine system, and the size of the tank you're thinking about. Saltwater fish- only, of course no corals, takes less maintenance. Extra components of reef systems include calcium, magnesium, alkalinity and coral feed and nutrition etc. For larger sizes 75 gals, you might choose to install a skimmer, sump to contain media and various reactors which can oftentimes keep addition of supplements to a minimum. Once you have it set initially, then the maintenance work is about the same as a freshwater tank. A good salt mix is an indispensable must-have for a saltwater tank as well. So obtaining a hydrometer or refractometer to test for salinity, a mixing pump and other accessories to prepare seawater will be much needed. Most hobbyists find success in keeping saltwater system with the right tools no problem! Hope this helps!