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  • New aquarium, need help making sure I have what I need.

    Hello all. I recently purchased the equipment I think I need to get my freshwater aquarium built. I was originally going to use RO only and remineralize using a combination of Equilibrium, and Acid and Alkaline buffers. However, after researching a bit more, I found a ratio of RO to spring water that...
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  • Purigen® & Amines: Is Aqua Plus with EDTA & PVP safe to regenerate Purigen®?

    Purigen & Amines: Is Aqua Plus which contains EDTA and PVP safe to use for regenerating Purigen®?

    Purigen® is a great product and Seachem® is a responsive and reputable company; I’ve run into an issue with product instructions, but it’s not diminished them in my view.

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  • Chi1013
    started a topic metroplex and carbon filtration

    metroplex and carbon filtration

    Hi all,

    My molly fish have ich and after calling the help line (thank you!), I've decided to try treatment with metroplex and focus mixed with the food. My tank also has 1 loach and 1 zebra nerite snail. If I use food as the carrier, do I need to take the carbon filter out? I have an...
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  • Help with cycling tank with Prime and Stability

    Hi there,

    I'm cycling my very first tank with fish in. It's a 10 gallon tank and about 2 weeks old with plants. I've been using Prime and followed the Stability protocol (for 7 days). I test my tank with API test tubes every day due to my current tank conditions. For the last 4-5 days,...
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  • Cycling—Aggressive Nitrite Spike

    I live in a very cold climate, and so I’m overwintering my two small juvenile koi in a stock tank in my basement (my pond is partially above ground, and so it would quickly freeze solid. I have brought pond fish indoors for a few years now with no issues; these koi were tiny fry last year and overwintered...
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  • Re mineralizing using SEAchem products

    Hello everyone first time posting. I recently purchased a rodi unit to combat my terribly milky well water. Now I’m tasked with remineralizing the water to be okay for my fire eel and bichirs as well as my planted tank. I am shooting for these parameters

    Ph 7.0
    Kh 6
    Gh 6 ...
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  • Dosing Paraguard with Cory Cats, Netites and Rasboras

    Hello, so pretty much the title sums it up. I have 8 Cory Cats, 9 Rasboras and 5 Nerites in a 29 gallon. My Corys have been showing signs of irritation since the day I brought them home (almost a month ago). This is my first go round with Corys, so pretty much I was unsure how to pinpoint the issue....
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  • Lillie - Mei
    started a topic Tetra & Platy Question

    Tetra & Platy Question

    Hello lovely people,

    I am posting on behalf of my Mum. She is a complete novice when it comes to fish, she grew up with an Uncle who bred show winners but has never kept fish herself.

    She started off with a small 10litre tank and two Harlequins who have always been and still...
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  • libertybelle
    started a topic Replenish in FW shrimp tank

    Replenish in FW shrimp tank

    So I made this account to ask a question about replenish but it took a week to get the account activated and so I've kind of answered my own question since then! I thought I'd mention it anyway in case you have some further insight or it may be of use to someone else.

    I bought some...
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  • JoMack9000
    started a topic Mangrove Mishap

    Mangrove Mishap

    Hey everybody, I just got in the mail today the 10 red mangroves i ordered off of amazon. I wanted them for the reasons everybody wants them, great filtration, hiding spots, and they are awesome looking. I did all my research so I wouldn't jump into them and have a problem right away. But that's exactly...
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  • Tiger Barb - Sunken Stomach - MetroPlex?


    I have an established 40g breeder that had at one time around 12 tiger barbs (some green/albinos mixed in) that had had no problems for 6+ months.

    Over the past few months, one at a time, the newer barbs seem to lose interest in food or try to eat but immediately spit...
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  • Twisted
    started a topic Denitrate reactor

    Denitrate reactor

    I have filled a phosban reactor with denitrate and tank water, then added stability. I let the reactor sit for 3 days then hooked it up to a pump. I set the flow rate to well below 50gph. The water coming out of the reactor was reading 5ppm nitrate, while the tank was reading 10ppm. Like an idiot I...
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