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  • Chi1013
    started a topic metroplex and carbon filtration

    metroplex and carbon filtration

    Hi all,

    My molly fish have ich and after calling the help line (thank you!), I've decided to try treatment with metroplex and focus mixed with the food. My tank also has 1 loach and 1 zebra nerite snail. If I use food as the carrier, do I need to take the carbon filter out? I have an...
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  • Metroplex dosing method for freshwater ich , via food or water column ?

    Hi guys i'm having a little issue with ich in my malawi peacock tank.Im currently using the high temp and salt method .I am on day 8 of 10 .I've noticed that some of the fish are still flashing / twitching . So once my 10 days are up i'm gonna do water changes to bring salt levels back to normal plus...
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  • Tiger Barb - Sunken Stomach - MetroPlex?


    I have an established 40g breeder that had at one time around 12 tiger barbs (some green/albinos mixed in) that had had no problems for 6+ months.

    Over the past few months, one at a time, the newer barbs seem to lose interest in food or try to eat but immediately spit...
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  • Using Focus/Metronidazole with Gel Food

    A few days ago you folks helped me out with my ich problems, and recommended that I use Metro in addition to the Paraguard that I am currently dosing. Well, I have a question about the actual dosing, and thought it would be best to create another thread since this is another topic.

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  • BatKnight
    started a topic Internal parasites

    Internal parasites


    I've been using your plant fertilization products for quite some time with great success.
    I've never need to use medicines before in my 200L tank. But due to some recent incidents, it looks like is now time to start using your medications too.

    I've just...
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  • BillMan
    started a topic many fish losing single eye

    many fish losing single eye

    Please forgive this long explanation, but I hope you might offer me some advice. I have a 70 gallon freshwater tank, set up for about 18 months. API master kit: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20-30; 10% water change every day, w/o fail. The tank is slightly over-stocked; I have a brand new 220 gal...
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  • How to add Seachem Metronidazole with Focus to Pellets?


    I have a 120 gallon aquarium with 9 African cichlids and I've noticed that 3 of my fish have sunken bellies and one of them has damaged fins and tail, also.

    All of them are eating and one of them remains hiding, except when he eats. I saw white stringy poop...
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  • treating ich while blackworms resident in tank

    I've recently acquired a large group of poecilocharax weitzmani tetras. They are quite delicate and won't eat anything that isn't alive. They basically need to have live food present in the aquarium all the time. For that reason, I seeded their quarantine tank with a sustainable population of resident...
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