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  • wildsharks
    started a topic Plants always rotting

    Plants always rotting

    My plants are tied on the wood and I place them in the area of the tank where there is most light for them to photosynthesize. But they always rot and die off or they don't seen to be healthy anymore when they start turning yellowish. I think I am not giving them enough nutrition. I had checked the...
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  • mithril
    started a topic Photosynthetic Intermediates

    Photosynthetic Intermediates

    Hi everyone! I would be glad to know that is peroxy compounds such as hydrogen peroxide can act as PHOTOSYNTHETIC INTERMEDIATES like Seachem Flourish Excel? Please help me with knowledge regarding peroxy compounds like hydrogen peroxide! Thanks all!
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  • Correct Product mix for Plants and Discus

    Iím new to this forum and do not fully know the protocols so hopefully you will forgive my blending multiple topics into one post, since they are all interrelated.
    My setup is a 55gal freshwater tank, live plants and typical fish Ė cardinals etc. Iím moving to a 100% Seachem tank and will be...
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  • Bree
    started a topic Please HELP!!! Plants dieing...

    Please HELP!!! Plants dieing...

    Okay i'm new and need help!!

    I have a 20 gallon planted tank with water wisteria and moneywort, and for awhile they were doing amazing, growing like an inch a day, but in the last 2 months they have all been dying and not growing at all. So i bought the whole seachem line of ferts minus...
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