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  • Purigen® & Amines: Is Aqua Plus with EDTA & PVP safe to regenerate Purigen®?

    Purigen & Amines: Is Aqua Plus which contains EDTA and PVP safe to use for regenerating Purigen®?

    Purigen® is a great product and Seachem® is a responsive and reputable company; I’ve run into an issue with product instructions, but it’s not diminished them in my view.

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  • The best quarantine for my import off bettas from thailand

    Hellow my friends i need your great expertice to help me. What is foryou the best quarantine for new betta fishes. I know two forms, i will wrtite them and you can told me what is the best or if is another new one better.
    1. kanaplex + metroplex togheter for 1 week.
    2. metroplex the first...
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  • Coherent and complete guidance on dealing with chloromine?

    I'm kindof amazed that Seachem hasn't come up with some clear and coherent guidance on dealing with chloromine in tap water. Every day there are thousands of people all over the country using the API ammonia test kit who think they have an ammonia problem that won't go away, but really it's chloromine...
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  • 50 Gallon Fish tank Cycle using Prime/Stability?

    How do I cycle my 50-gallon fish tank using Prime/Stability? I did follow the instruction online about how to cycle but I have no luck for few days I started to see the presence of Nitrate which is 10ppm to 20ppm and my Ammonia is 0.50ppm 1.0ppm and Nitrite 0.50ppm 1.0ppm, I use 5 caps (5ml) overdose...
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  • Help with cycling tank with Prime and Stability

    Hi there,

    I'm cycling my very first tank with fish in. It's a 10 gallon tank and about 2 weeks old with plants. I've been using Prime and followed the Stability protocol (for 7 days). I test my tank with API test tubes every day due to my current tank conditions. For the last 4-5 days,...
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  • Cycling—Aggressive Nitrite Spike

    I live in a very cold climate, and so I’m overwintering my two small juvenile koi in a stock tank in my basement (my pond is partially above ground, and so it would quickly freeze solid. I have brought pond fish indoors for a few years now with no issues; these koi were tiny fry last year and overwintered...
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  • Mooky
    started a topic Ammonia level kinda high

    Ammonia level kinda high

    I have a 20 gallon tank with 6 zebra danios and 5 cory. I just had a dwarf male gourami die this morning. Added Prime in tank yesterday after 12 noon and this was my results before I added prime. Nitrite 0 Nitrate 40 High Range pH 7.4 pH 7.6 Ammonia 0.50
    This morning the Nitrate was 20 and...
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  • Cycling my Cichlid tank with Seachem products

    Tank Info:
    29 Gallons
    Entered Service: 9/26/17
    Current Stock: Breeding pair of Convict Cichlids
    Filtration: SunSun HW 402-B Canister filter. First stage - sponge filter , second stage - bio balls, third stage (final) ceramic biorings and Seachem Purigen 100ml
    Filter entered...
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  • New 30 Gallon Tank - Fish-In Cycling with Prime/Stability


    I purchased a 30 gallon tank. I have added an AquaClear 50 filter, Tetra pump and air stone for bubbles, Aqueon 100 W heater to keep the water temp at 77. I filled the tank on Saturday, Oct 17 and added some API Stress Coat and Quick Start per the instructions on the package. One...
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  • turntablez
    started a topic ML amount of Prime

    ML amount of Prime

    How much Prime do I use per 5 gallon bucket? I see mixed answers all over. I use Prime in ML with a syringe without a needle. The kind they hand out for kids medications at the pharmacy. How much do I use in an average 5 gallon bucket of water?
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  • Stability, Prime, Fishless Cycle for a new tank

    I started the fishless cycle almost 4 months ago and it's not going anywhere. Ammonia and nitrite readings don't make sense. I'm pleading for some help/ guidance as to what needs to be done next.
    10 gallons tank
    Started the cycle with pure Ammonia drops
    About 1 month...
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  • Pietmon777
    started a topic Safe or not?

    Safe or not?

    Hi i have a new 70 gallon tank. I put prime and stability and i followed the instructions. Is it safe for me to put my flowerhorn? It has been 14 hrs already. I am just planning to put one fish. My aquarium only has a trickle filter and a heater i have no plans to put anything beside ceramic rings....
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  • Are medications affected by Seachem Prime or Seachem Safe?

    In looking how to treat my quarantined fish for a sickness, I ran across information that when using Seachem Prime or any other redox reducing water conditioner, the medication methylene blue or malachite green should be added at least 30 minutes after treating the water with a redox reducing water...
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  • New Tank - 24 Days into Cycling with Prime


    I have a 240 litre Tank with 3 guppies in and 4 plecos in. I have been using Prime and Stability - as per the normal cycle my Ammonia has died down and I now have hugh nitrites. I also have been getting small brown algae patches I think diatoms since Thursday last week.
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  • devicore16
    started a topic amGuard help

    amGuard help

    Hi! my 200g FOWLR is having an ammonia spike right now. Its a new tank and i just finished cycling it.. the problem is, after everytthing went to zero, i had a 1 day power outage.. and i have fish arriving that week end! ammonia rose again to 0.25 but i still continued adding the salaria and a pair...
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