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  • Can I use Purigen instead of Matrix Carbon?

    I think Purigen is more economical than carbon in long term, but can I replace Carbon with Purigen ?
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  • Lower Nitrates without removing tannins (2 issues)

    Hi, hoping for some help and didn't see this combination of issue in your questions. I've bee using various products to lower Nitrates and just realized I think all of them also remove tannins, which I have been adding to lower the pH. Do you have any products that do that? Or recommendations?
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  • Cycling my Cichlid tank with Seachem products

    Tank Info:
    29 Gallons
    Entered Service: 9/26/17
    Current Stock: Breeding pair of Convict Cichlids
    Filtration: SunSun HW 402-B Canister filter. First stage - sponge filter , second stage - bio balls, third stage (final) ceramic biorings and Seachem Purigen 100ml
    Filter entered...
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  • rezdwan
    started a topic Regenerated Purigen Caused pH Drop

    Regenerated Purigen Caused pH Drop


    I need some help with a pack of regenerated Purigen.

    After using a new 100mL pack of Purigen for four weeks in my filter, I decided to regenerate it. I followed the instructions carefully and did it like so.
    1. Soak in a 1:1 bleach:water solution for 24 hours in a non-metallic
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  • Does my purigen need to recharge?

    My purigen has turned brown but I am not sure if the color is deep enough that it calls for a recharge or if it still has some use left. Could someone let me know if it has been fully exhausted yet?...
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  • Purigen might still smell like bleach

    I recently recharged my 100mL purigen. After doing the process, it still has a smell but I'm not 100% sure if it is bleach or not. Instead of using more of my Prime, could I just keep the purigen in water and rinse it daily for a week? Would that be enough to evaporate the bleach in case that is what...
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  • Saptarshi Mukherjee
    started a topic Purigen maintenance

    Purigen maintenance

    Is it safe to wash purigen in very warm water on a weekly basis? Will that clean up the pores and help it's efficiency? Also will this method help extend the time before I need to carry out the regeneration procedure?
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  • iceburg
    started a topic Recharging purigen produced rust

    Recharging purigen produced rust

    I recently tried recharging a pair of 100ml bags of purigen. This was the 2nd regeneration for one bag and the first for the other. I placed both in a plastic container with 1 cup 8% plain bleach and 1 cup water. The bleach was from the same bottle as last time I I recharged one of the bags. When I...
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  • Reckhout
    started a topic Purigen with protein skimmer.

    Purigen with protein skimmer.

    I was wondering if using purigen would be possible in a protein skimmer. I have a 65g with a 20g proflex model 3 sump and I inherited a nice asm g3 protein skimmer and I really wanted to add purigen to my sump, but there is no place to put it unless I get a reactor or use it in the protein skimmer....
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  • nanomania
    started a topic using purigen more then recomended

    using purigen more then recomended

    I have a 130g turtle tank with 150+ small fishes like neons, cherry barbs, etc. And a turtle that wont grow above 4" my tank has many driftwoods too, due to which my water goes brown in just a week. Can i use 150 to 200ml purigen for my 130g tank?
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  • Is there a MINIMUM recommended quantity for Purigen

    I have a 240L tank with two Fluval 306 filters. My plan is to use a small bag of purigen in the top trays of each of the two filters. Each of the top trays has two compartments.

    Q1 Is my plan sound?

    Q2 Is there a minimum amount recommended to be used in each filter bag...
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  • Purigen in my Hang on Back filter


    I am new here and this is my first post. I have navigated through these forums for many answers to questions before registering. I am happy to be a customer to a company that is supportive of its consumers and has made a nice community here. With that being said I have a few...
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  • Nitrates wont go down after numerous water changes

    I will try and include as much info as I can, I dont mean to sound rude. I want to keep it short so you dont have to read a lot :)

    This is a temporary tank, these fish are only inside because my pond is not deep enough for winter.

    3 comets- 1 6in 2 3-4in...
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  • veeber
    started a topic Multiple filter setup

    Multiple filter setup

    Just getting my tank started and wanted to see if ayone had advice for me.

    120 gallon tank that currently only has a 4" turtle in it. We are planning to add larger fish so he doesn't eat all his tank mates in the future.

    Fluval 305 and Fluval 405 are running. Order of...
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  • Joshb
    started a topic Purigen Questions

    Purigen Questions


    I have moved some old filter media (Jewel sponges) into a new external filter, the tank is 100litres and fully stocked. If i put purigen in the filter, will it prevent the new ceramic media from being colonised by bacteria? If not, does purigen slow the process down?
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