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  • SAReefer
    started a topic o Ammonia Cycling With AquaVitro Seed

    o Ammonia Cycling With AquaVitro Seed


    So it's been a week and I have been diligently adding Seed to my tank to cycle it. I have dead rock and dead sand in the tank. I have followed every single dosing suggestion but after a week Ammonia is still 0, nitrite still 0 and nitrate is also 0. How do I cycle the tank? Is it usual...
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  • momo1103
    started a topic Magnesium/Calcium levels

    Magnesium/Calcium levels

    I have been using 'Reef Complete' to help maintain the above mentioned levels.
    I tested my tank today with an API Test kit and the results were;
    Magnesium: 740ppm and Calcium: 360ppm

    Does this seem low?
    And how do I rectify this?

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  • momo1103
    started a topic Seachem Reef Buffer

    Seachem Reef Buffer

    Hello :)

    I use Seachem reef salt and I am currently using Seachem Reef Buffer to get my tank's pH up to 8.3.

    However, I am finding this really difficult. I do a 15% water change every week - and once I do this my pH goes down to around 7.8, by the end of the week my pH...
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  • reddog
    started a topic New to reef tanks

    New to reef tanks

    I have a question concerning additives to my newly acquired saltwater aquarium. I have owned freshwater tanks my entire life. Saltwater is still fairly new to me.

    Long story short, a friend gave me a 55 gallon saltwater aquarium about 3 months ago. It included lots of live rock, some...
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  • STLReefKeeper
    started a topic Protein Skimming

    Protein Skimming

    Hey Everyone,

    I am starting this thread to ask Seachem Support what their thoughts are on protein skimming in general. Two of my friends work for Seachem and they have consistently told me that protein skimmers really don't do much good overall, they are simply inadequate at removing...
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