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  • rezdwan
    started a topic Regenerated Purigen Caused pH Drop

    Regenerated Purigen Caused pH Drop


    I need some help with a pack of regenerated Purigen.

    After using a new 100mL pack of Purigen for four weeks in my filter, I decided to regenerate it. I followed the instructions carefully and did it like so.
    1. Soak in a 1:1 bleach:water solution for 24 hours in a non-metallic
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  • turntablez
    started a topic ML amount of Prime

    ML amount of Prime

    How much Prime do I use per 5 gallon bucket? I see mixed answers all over. I use Prime in ML with a syringe without a needle. The kind they hand out for kids medications at the pharmacy. How much do I use in an average 5 gallon bucket of water?
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  • Are medications affected by Seachem Prime or Seachem Safe?

    In looking how to treat my quarantined fish for a sickness, I ran across information that when using Seachem Prime or any other redox reducing water conditioner, the medication methylene blue or malachite green should be added at least 30 minutes after treating the water with a redox reducing water...
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  • woppiking
    started a topic Switching from Prime to Safe

    Switching from Prime to Safe

    I'm a very happy Prime user (thanks Seachem!) and now I'm ready to switch to using Safe. I currently dose 1 and 1/2 caps of Prime during every water change for my 72 gallon tank. According to the instructions on the Prime bottle, that works out to 7.5 ml of Prime. How much Safe is equivalent to 7.5...
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