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  • New aquarium, need help making sure I have what I need.

    Hello all. I recently purchased the equipment I think I need to get my freshwater aquarium built. I was originally going to use RO only and remineralize using a combination of Equilibrium, and Acid and Alkaline buffers. However, after researching a bit more, I found a ratio of RO to spring water that...
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  • tahsinraaj
    started a topic New Tank Cycle + ParaGuard

    New Tank Cycle + ParaGuard

    I made the rookie mistake on my new tank by starting to cycle the tank with Neon Tetras , As I found out they are sensitive to cycling , After 2 weeks one of my neon tetra died, The tank is still not reading any Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate. Now for the past one week I have been dosing stability...
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  • Mazter
    started a topic [HELP] New Cycle with Stability

    [HELP] New Cycle with Stability

    Hello, just looking for some help with a new cycle.

    40 Gallon Breeder
    Fluval C4 HOB
    Aqueon 150 @ 80 degrees

    DAY 1 April 6: add 160 drops of Dr. Tim's Ammonia Chloride and 4 caps of Stability

    DAY 2 April 7: PH = 7.6, AMM = 2ppm, Nitrite = 0ppm, Nitrate...
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  • 50 Gallon Fish tank Cycle using Prime/Stability?

    How do I cycle my 50-gallon fish tank using Prime/Stability? I did follow the instruction online about how to cycle but I have no luck for few days I started to see the presence of Nitrate which is 10ppm to 20ppm and my Ammonia is 0.50ppm 1.0ppm and Nitrite 0.50ppm 1.0ppm, I use 5 caps (5ml) overdose...
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  • Help with cycling tank with Prime and Stability

    Hi there,

    I'm cycling my very first tank with fish in. It's a 10 gallon tank and about 2 weeks old with plants. I've been using Prime and followed the Stability protocol (for 7 days). I test my tank with API test tubes every day due to my current tank conditions. For the last 4-5 days,...
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  • Cycling—Aggressive Nitrite Spike

    I live in a very cold climate, and so I’m overwintering my two small juvenile koi in a stock tank in my basement (my pond is partially above ground, and so it would quickly freeze solid. I have brought pond fish indoors for a few years now with no issues; these koi were tiny fry last year and overwintered...
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  • naturealness
    started a topic High Ammonia Levels

    High Ammonia Levels

    I've recently set up a 10 gallon tank for my betta that will be arriving in 8 days. I used my tap water and treated it with 20 drops of Seachem Prime and a capful of Seachem Stability on day one. Then have added 1/2 capful of Seachem Stability for days 2 and 3. I have tested the water with my API Freshwater...
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  • Cycling my Cichlid tank with Seachem products

    Tank Info:
    29 Gallons
    Entered Service: 9/26/17
    Current Stock: Breeding pair of Convict Cichlids
    Filtration: SunSun HW 402-B Canister filter. First stage - sponge filter , second stage - bio balls, third stage (final) ceramic biorings and Seachem Purigen 100ml
    Filter entered...
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  • Fish-in Cycle Help. Nitrite still high

    Hello Seachem and every fish lovers out there. I have a 100 gallon tank with a 40 gallon sump. I started a Fish-In cycle starting Sept 30, 2016 It has been almost 3 weeks now and my nitrites are still high. I have used stability starting Oct 13th and used prime on it too. My questions are... How long...
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  • New 30 Gallon Tank - Fish-In Cycling with Prime/Stability


    I purchased a 30 gallon tank. I have added an AquaClear 50 filter, Tetra pump and air stone for bubbles, Aqueon 100 W heater to keep the water temp at 77. I filled the tank on Saturday, Oct 17 and added some API Stress Coat and Quick Start per the instructions on the package. One...
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  • Mistake Management: Fish-In Cycling Journey

    Throw your rotten vegetables at me. I got three 1-1.5in fancy goldfish and a 13 gallon starter tank kit, a few plants, plus a bubbler and API Quick Start one day a few weeks ago. I had SOME knowledge and managed to choose goldfish that were active, had erect fins, and were free of visible signs of sickness....
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  • Hiatus
    started a topic Pristine -vs- Stability

    Pristine -vs- Stability

    Is Pristine going to replace Stability? What are the differences?

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  • Stability, Prime, Fishless Cycle for a new tank

    I started the fishless cycle almost 4 months ago and it's not going anywhere. Ammonia and nitrite readings don't make sense. I'm pleading for some help/ guidance as to what needs to be done next.
    10 gallons tank
    Started the cycle with pure Ammonia drops
    About 1 month...
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  • NewFishkeeper
    started a topic Stability question

    Stability question

    I was trying a fish in cycle without Stability, My water is reading ammonia and I have been doing water changes frequently. I think there is a bacteria bloom going on in my tank. I don't want my fish to die. Is it too late to use stability? I also have been using prime to detoxify the ammonia in...
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  • Pietmon777
    started a topic Safe or not?

    Safe or not?

    Hi i have a new 70 gallon tank. I put prime and stability and i followed the instructions. Is it safe for me to put my flowerhorn? It has been 14 hrs already. I am just planning to put one fish. My aquarium only has a trickle filter and a heater i have no plans to put anything beside ceramic rings....
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