MultiTest: Iron

  • Measures iron to less than 0.05 mg/L
  • Multi-cavity plate for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same time
  • Includes reference for test validation
  • Marine or Freshwater


This kit measures iron in freshwater or marine water to less than 0.05 mg/L. Can also measure chelated iron. MultiTest Iron performs over 75 tests and contains a reference sample for validation. Range: 0–2.0 mg/L. Precision: 0.05 mg/L.

A: Our iron kit will measure EDTA iron, but it takes about 20 minutes as opposed to less than 2 minutes for non-EDTA iron. In general, an iron test kit that can measure EDTA chelated iron must have provisions for creating conditions in the test that will cause the release of iron from the EDTA chelate before it can be reacted with an indicator dye. Since EDTA is an exceptionally strong chelator, this is not always easy or reliable.

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0968 MultiTest: Iron